The Cynergie Exhibition

Background information
On Thursday, April 13, the Cynergie exhibition took place in Amiens. This event hosted numerous exhibitors from the audiovisual and events sectors.

Customer introduction
FREEVOX provides professionals with the right path toward the success of various audio-visual projects. With deep faith in Hollyvox’s wireless intercom system, FREEVOX chose Hollyvox G51 to support the event.

Advantages of Hollyvox G51 wireless intercom system

  1. Stable and reliable communication
    The exposition is brimming with all kinds of products from the audiovisual and events sector, thus strong anti-interference capabilities of the communication system are a must. The Hollyvox G51 system operates in the 1.9 GHz frequency band, which is free of interference from other wireless devices on the scene. Furthermore, the system ensures uninterrupted communication and improved stability by using automatic frequency hopping technology to detect interferences within the frequency band and choose options that are free of interferences.
  2. Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC)
    For an exposition with chats going on all around the place, clear communication for team members is crucial. The Hollyvox G51 adopts the state-of-the-art dual-mic ENC technology. Through advanced algorithms, undesired background noise is effectively reduced, ensuring high-quality message exchanges among staff members.

With the support of Hollyvox G51, the team members of FREEVOX could communicate with each other effortlessly, making it easier to focus on their work. Because of this, the exposition was a complete success.