Broadcast Production

Efficient Wireless Communication for Successful Broadcast Recording

  • Efficient communication is crucial for successful broadcast program recording. The Solidcom M1 is a professional wireless communication system widely used in broadcast production and other large-scale events. With advanced full-duplex and DECT 6.0 technology, it excels in anti-interference capabilities, enabling seamless wireless communication and collaboration among teams. It supports wireless beltpack expansion through 4-wire and IP cascade connections, catering to diverse live productions. Equipped with high-gain antennas, it ensures comprehensive coverage within a 1,000ft (300m) range. The system offers multiple control methods for easy setup and configuration, including the base station display panel, dedicated app, and web-based software. The beltpack supports customizable roles and grouping functionality, meeting the specific communication needs of on-site teams like lighting, photography, and audio teams.


Remote Connectivity
Remote Connectivity

By connecting the 4-wire interface to a networked computer through a sound console, remote communication is made possible using meeting software.

Wide Compatibility
Wide Compatibility

The 4-wire and 2-wire interfaces ensure full compatibility with various wired and wireless communication systems from different manufacturers. This enables seamless connectivity and effortless communication between these systems.

Flexible Control
Flexible Control

Multiple control options are available for enhanced flexibility, including the base station display panel, dedicated app, and web-based software.

Enhanced Stability
Enhanced Stability

The base station offers versatile installation options, supporting two types of antennas and incorporating an external antenna design. This ensures ease of use and flexibility in different application settings while enhancing signal reliability.

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Our products have been successfully used in diverse scenarios, demonstrating their adaptability and versatility across industries in real-world use.

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