Interactive Conversation at Greater Baltimore Medical Center

Background information
On September 7, 2022, Greater Baltimore Medical Center held an interactive conversation to discuss mind-body techniques for cancer patients.

Customer introduction
As a company dedicated to providing reliable live broadcasting services, Focus Point Productions was responsible for this event. As a loyal customer of Hollyvox wireless intercom systems, Focus Point Productions opted for the Hollyvox G51 as the communication tool to support the event.

Advantages of Hollyvox G51 wireless intercom system

  1. Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC)
    The Hollyvox G51 adopts the state-of-the-art dual-mic ENC technology. Its supercardioid primary mic captures the speaker’s voice and environmental noise accurately, while the omnidirectional secondary mic collects environmental noise from various directions as noise samples. Through advanced algorithms, undesired background noise is effectively reduced, ensuring high-quality message exchange among staff members.
  2. Immersive audio experience
    The Hollyvox G51 boasts impressive technical specifications for an immersive audio experience. For example, with a frequency range of 200Hz–7kHz, it captures every sound detail with precision. Furthermore, its sampling rate of 16kHz ensures high-quality and accurate audio reproduction.
  3. Sleek and intuitive form factor
    The Hollyvox G51 features a sleek, streamlined form factor with a smooth texture. Designed with customer’s needs in mind, the system’s ergonomic button layout, user-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls enable team members to begin talking with each other in a matter of seconds, saving valuable time to focus more on their work.

With the support of the Hollyvox G51, the interactive conversation was a complete success. Going forward, the company will also benefit from the system’s long-term durability and scalability, which are essential to meeting evolving needs.