Theater Operation

Seamless Integration of Wired and Wireless Communication Systems in Theaters

  • Theaters often have two semi-circular sections of seats facing the stage. In this setting, a wired communication system is commonly used for personnel in fixed locations like the control room and dressing room. However, the Solidcom M1 is specifically designed to meet the communication needs of mobile staff members operating in the spectator seat areas.
  • To seamlessly integrate the wired and wireless systems, the Solidcom M1 base station is connected to the base station of the wired system. Typically, two sets of Solidcom M1 systems are used, with one set connected to the wired system and the other set connected to the first set through a network cable for IP cascade.


Unparalleled Compatibility
Unparalleled Compatibility

Seamless compatibility with diverse communication systems is guaranteed through the versatile 2-wire and 4-wire interfaces, ensuring effortless connectivity.

Simplified Operation
Simplified Operation

Communication becomes effortless with the simplified operation feature of the headset. The single-button control enables a seamless switch between MUTE and TALK functions, and joining or leaving a group is as easy as pressing a button.

Multiple Control Options
Multiple Control Options
Multiple Control

Various control methods are available for added flexibility, encompassing control options through the base station display panel, dedicated app, or web-based software.

Improved Stability
Improved Stability

The base station offers versatile installation options, supporting two types of antennas to ensure adaptability to various application environments and maintain signal stability.

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