Stage Performance

Enhancing Seamless Communication for Stage Performance

  • Efficient communication among on-site staff is crucial for the success of stage events. The Hollyvox G51 is a professional wireless communication system widely used in large-scale events, including stage events. Featuring full-duplex communication technology and advanced DECT 6.0 technology, it allows multiple team members to listen and talk simultaneously.
  • The system supports wireless beltpack expansion through 4-wire and IP cascade connections, effectively meeting communication needs in venues of various sizes. With high-gain antennas, it ensures comprehensive communication within an impressive range of up to 1,300ft (400m). Supporting multiple control methods such as the base station display panel, mobile device app, and web-based interface, it enables quick setup and effortless configuration.
  • The beltpack offers customizable roles and grouping features, perfectly catering to the independent communication needs of different on-site teams, such as lighting, photography, and audio teams.


Noise Cancellation
Noise Cancellation

The beltpack supports one-press noise cancellation and gain adjustment for effortless communication in loud environments.

Cascade Connection
Cascade Connection

4-wire and IP cascade connections are supported for more beltpacks and grouping requirements.

Group Communication
Group Communication

The base station supports three groups for smooth and interference-free communication.

Wide Compatibility
Wide Compatibility

Flexible 4-wire and 2-wire interfaces are available for easy integration with different wired and wireless communication systems for unparalleled compatibility and seamless connectivity.

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