Hollyvox G51 Triumphs Again: Seamless Onsite Communication at KISS’s 2022 Tour in Colombia by CG PRODUCCIONES

On May 8th, 2022, the legendary rock band KISS graced Colombia with a sensational performance, orchestrated by CG PRODUCCIONES, a trusted partner in South America. Behind the scenes, Hollyvox G51 emerged as the go-to wireless intercom system, ensuring seamless and reliable real-time communication for complex production.

The Grand Spectacle: KISS’s 2022 Farewell Tour in Colombia
KISS, a pioneering American hard rock band with a history dating back to 1973, brought their farewell tour to Colombia, marking almost 50 years of musical brilliance. The farewell show, hosted at the historic Movistar Arena in Bogotá, promised an unforgettable experience with pyrotechnics, special effects, and a review of the band’s greatest hits.

CG PRODUCCIONES takes the lead:
As the designated production team for this monumental event, CG PRODUCCIONES faced the challenges of coordinating a vast behind-the-scenes staff and addressing the unique aspects of the arena. With a commitment to reliability, they turned to Hollyvox G51, building on their positive experience with the wireless intercom system during the broadcasting of FIFA’s Women’s Football in Colombia.

Why Hollyvox G51?
Precise communication in a noisy environment:
The Movistar Arena, hosting 90 shows annually, presented a noisy environment with electronic devices and roaring crowds. Hollyvox G51’s self-developed Noise-Cancellation Algorithms and a broad frequency response ensured premium sound quality, overcoming challenges during peak times.

Solid and secure communication in a Vast Arena:
Covering over 500 square meters and accommodating 14,000 attendees, the arena posed a logistical challenge. Hollyvox G51’s dual antenna options, including FRP antennas for a 360° radius range, provided reliable communication for staff members moving across the venue.

Peaceful coexistence in a signal-intensive environment:
Operating at a 1.9GHz band frequency, Hollyvox G51 minimized interference with other wireless devices. Auto frequency hopping and anti-interference features ensured a secure and smooth flow of communication amidst multiple wireless devices.

Hollyvox G51 emerged as the linchpin for CG PRODUCCIONES, facilitating efficient and precise real-time communication. In the midst of the global pandemic, KISS’s farewell tour not only entertained but also connected audiences. Hollyvox G51 played a vital role in ensuring the success of this visually and acoustically stunning event. The dedication of both KISS and Hollyvox G51 to their audiences was evident, creating an unbreakable bond between performers and fans. As a reliable wireless transmission solution, Hollyvox G51 proudly contributed to the behind-the-scenes coordination, making the grand concert a seamless and unforgettable experience for all.