One Events Live

Background information
On Thursday, April 6, the 10th anniversary celebration of One Events Live was held, with attendees from the audiovisual and events sectors

Customer introduction
FREEVOX provides professionals with the right path toward the success of various audio-visual projects. With deep faith in Hollyvox’s wireless intercom system, FREEVOX chose Hollyvox G51 to support the event.

Advantages of Hollyvox G51 wireless intercom system

  1. Effective group communication
    By supporting up to three groups at the same time, the Hollyvox G51 makes group chat a breeze. Group setting is easily accessible via the base station or web page. The beltpack offers 8 preset modes that users can adjust to suit their individual working needs, each with an indicator light for status display.
  2. Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC)
    The Hollyvox G51 adopts the state-of-the-art dual-mic ENC technology. Its supercardioid primary mic captures the speaker’s voice and environmental noise accurately, while the omnidirectional secondary mic collects environmental noise from various directions as noise samples. Through advanced algorithms, undesired background noise is effectively reduced, ensuring high-quality message exchange among staff members.

With the support of the Hollyvox G51, the team members of FREEVOX enjoyed an efficient communication experience, which contributed to the success of the event.