The Fire Administrator’s Summit on Fire Prevention and Control

Background information
The 2022 U.S. Fire Administrator’s Summit on Fire Prevention and Control took place on Oct. 11 at the National Emergency Training Center in Emmitsburg, Maryland. This event was intended to provide a better understanding of the current challenges and possible solutions regarding the critical fire problem in America for reporters, the general public, the fire service, as well as local, state, and national policymakers.

Customer introduction
As an outstanding company specializing in live broadcasting, and webcasting, Focus Point Productions was entrusted as the production team for this event. Any live broadcasting can be challenging, especially when it involves President Joe Biden. Therefore, choosing reliable tools is particularly crucial. With complete trust in Hollyvox’s wireless intercom systems, Focus Point Productions chose the Hollyvox G51 as their first-choice communication tool without hesitation.


  1. Uncertain signal environment
    For any live formal event, the broadcasting process must keep going flawlessly from the outset. There are no re-shoots, so everything must unfold seamlessly, and errors are simply not an option. This underscores the need for an intercom system with strong anti-interference capabilities to ensure the smooth and real-time exchange of messages among on-site staff.
  2. Noisy environment
    During the Summit, there would be continuous presentations, discussions, applause from the attendees, and background noise from the working staff, sound systems, and other electronic devices. Therefore, how to ensure communication comes through loud and clear is essential.

Advantages of Hollyvox G51 wireless intercom system

  1. Increased communication stability and reliability
    The Hollyvox G51 system operates in the 1.9 GHz frequency band and has little interference with other wireless devices on the scene. Additionally, empowered by automatic frequency hopping technology, the system automatically identifies interferences within the frequency band and selects interference-free options, thus ensuring uninterrupted communication and improved stability.
  2. Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC)
    The Hollyvox G51 adopts the cutting-edge dual-mic ENC technology. Its supercardioid primary mic captures the speaker’s voice and environmental noise accurately, while the omnidirectional secondary mic collects environmental noise from various directions as noise samples. Through advanced algorithms, undesired background noise is effectively reduced, ensuring high-quality message exchange among staff members.

With the support of the Hollyvox G51 wireless intercom system, Focus Point Productions’ team members could share information in real time, giving little room for mistakes arising from latency. Due to this, the broadcasting of the event was a complete success, cementing the company’s position as a go-to partner for clients seeking unparalleled expertise and professionalism in live broadcasting.