Freiburg Building Law Days

Background information
From September 17th to 18th, 2021, Freiburg hosted the Building Law Days, which garnered a lot of attention from attendees and web-based media. An enhanced interactive experience was guaranteed for all participants thanks to the event’s well-planned logistics that allowed for both in-person attendance and virtual engagement through Zoom.

Customer introduction
BMK Media was entrusted with the filming and live-streaming of the seminar. When it comes to professional design, live streaming, press conferences, and more, BMK Media stands out as a comprehensive video production provider. As a loyal customer of Hollyvox, BMK Media chose Hollyvox G51 to support the running of the event.

Advantages of Hollyvox G51 wireless intercom system

  1. Effective group communication
    By supporting up to three groups at the same time, the Hollyvox G51 makes group chat a breeze. Group setting is easily accessible via the base station or web page. The beltpack offers 8 preset modes that users can adjust to suit their individual working needs, each with an indicator light for status display.
  2. Stable and reliable communication
    The Hollyvox G51 system operates in the 1.9 GHz frequency band, which is free of interference from other wireless devices on the scene. Furthermore, the system ensures uninterrupted communication and improved stability by using automatic frequency hopping technology to detect interferences within the frequency band and choose options that are free of interferences.

The fact that the Freiburg Building Law Days was a complete success thanks to the Hollyvox G51 is more evidence of the powerful capabilities of the device.