Hollyvox G51 Wows Audience at Africast 2023

Africast 2023, Africa’s unparalleled broadcast, content, and digital entertainment event, witnessed Hollyvox’s stellar performance as it introduced the groundbreaking Hollyvox G51. From October 24 to October 26, 2023, this event served as a convergence point for global players and influencers, capitalizing on the unprecedented growth of the African broadcast and media market, the fastest in the world.

With a remarkable $20 billion industry valuation, Africast 2023 emerged as the ultimate destination for industry players to explore the latest technologies, trends, services, and products, providing invaluable insights on navigating and thriving in this multi-billion dollar landscape. The event showcased the newest trends and innovations in broadcasting and film equipment, creating a platform for manufacturers to connect with customers and expand their business footprint in Africa.

Africast 2023 wasn’t just about business—it celebrated the rich tapestry of African filmmaking through screenings of local and international films. The Content Village served as a hub for networking opportunities, fostering connections between filmmakers, producers, and distributors. The event culminated in recognizing success in broadcasting and film with prestigious awards.

At the heart of this vibrant landscape, we introduce the Hollyvox G51, the ultimate full-duplex wireless intercom system. Renowned for its unparalleled professional performance, the G51’s advanced dual-mic Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) technology ensures crystal-clear communication clarity in the loudest environments. Its ergonomic headset design adds stability and comfort, making it the top choice for small- and medium-scale events, offering seamless team coordination through extensive and interference-free communication.

Hollyvox’s participation at Africast 2023 not only showcased innovation but also highlighted our commitment to advancing communication technology in Africa’s rapidly evolving broadcast and media market.