Introducing the G51 Wireless Intercom System | Unparalleled Communication Clarity


Dec 19th, 2023

Welcome to a New Era of Team Communication! πŸ€™ Presenting the G51 Wireless Intercom System – Unparalleled Communication Clarity, the first flagship product from Hollyvox – High-end Series Channel Exclusive.

Hollyvox G51 is the ultimate full-duplex wireless intercom system designed for professional use in loud environments. Advanced dual-mic Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) technology provides unparalleled communication clarity in loud environments for production teams. The ergonomic headset design offers optimal stability and comfort, enabling seamless team coordination through interference-free communication with an LOS range of 1,300ft (400m). Ideal for small to medium-scale events, it offers seamless coordination and communication.

Key Features:
● Dual-Mic ENC
● 1,300ft (400m) LOS Range
● Group Communication
● Expandable Cascade Connection
● 1.9GHz Frequency
● Cozy Headset Fit
● Flexible Configuration & Upgrade
● Extended Battery LifeKey features:
● TX, RX, and Monitor β€” All in One
● Responsive 5.5β€³ LCD Touch Screen
● 450ft (150m) LOS Range
● 0.08s Ultra-low Latency(TX)
● Revolutionary HollyOS
● HDMI & SDI Support
● Innovative Trigger Recording
● Video Playback
● Flexible Power Supply Solutions